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Hot Reload Limitation: Server Requires Manual Restart After Error Correction [--Turbo]

Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman posted this in #help-forum
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Cuvier’s Dwarf CaimanOP
Hey everyone,

I've encountered a frustrating issue with the hot reload feature in our development environment. Here's what's happening:

When I make a mistake in the code and an error pops up during compilation, the hot reload correctly stops and displays the error message. However, after fixing the error and successfully compiling the code, the hot reload doesn't kick in automatically to reflect the changes. It's only after I manually restart the server that the changes finally show up.

Steps to reproduce:

Introduce an intentional error in the codebase.
Save the file to trigger the hot reload.
Note the error message displayed in the console.
Correct the error and save the file again.
Notice that the hot reload doesn't reflect the changes until I manually restart the server.
It's becoming a real productivity killer, as it interrupts my workflow and adds unnecessary delays to the development process.


Development Framework: Next.js v14.1.3
Operating System: Windows 10
Development Server: localhost
If anyone has encountered a similar issue or has any insights on how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate your input. Let's work together to find a solution and improve our development experience.


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