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Migrated site loading months old cookies

Cape lion posted this in #help-forum
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Cape lionOP
Three months ago I migrated a GatsbJS site to NextJS. The site is visually identical I just opted for a headless Wordpress CMS vs DecapCMS. Consequently, some of the links to the blog posts changed. I am having issues with customers getting 404 errors when they visit the new site because their browsers are loading three + month old caches from the old site instead of querying from the new site. Is there a way that I can force all users to fetch the new site instead of allowing their browsers to load via the old cache? The site serves a population in a rural area and their ISP is notorious for having VERY slow connections. Cell service is also spotty and slow. So, I suspect the browsers are just loading old caches vs. making the users wait an extra few seconds to fetch and render the new site. It is getting old telling customers to clear their cache to fix the errors, which is why I am asking for solutions here...

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