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Vercel Serverless Python External Module & ignore certains routes

Yacare Caiman posted this in #help-forum
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Yacare CaimanOP
Hello, how can I download external module for my serverless function. I am using requests.

My vercel.json
"installCommand": "pip install -r requirements.txt"

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Yacare CaimanOP
Also, is there a way to redirect all path to / except a certains one?

For example I have my api folder and another folder test with a python file inside if I do test/ it will download the file how can I fix that?
I fixed this, I deleted the project on vercel and reuploaded it fixed the issue, idk why. maybe I had to run vercel --prod
I used .vercelignore to fix this but for example I can still access the, etc.

Do I have to specify everysingle file in the ignore at this point?
Yacare CaimanOP
@linesofcode do you have an idea?
It's rude and against the rules of this discord server to ping people not invovled in the conversation (imagine if everyone who needed help pinged somebody)
and no, I dont have an idea
ive barely used python with vercel