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Prisma ORM - listeners.

European sprat posted this in #help-forum
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European spratOP
I'm starting to build an webApp with nextJS prisma and postgreSQL, I want to know if you have some idea of which would be the best practice scenario between this two:

a) A revalidation of data every Xmin (like five or less) when fetching data from prisma.
b) Using Prisma Pulse to show realtime updates?

Im trying to be as "Best practice implementation" as possible. let me know if you have a suggestion. I want to learn.

This is for a ecommerce website, and the owner wants something as similar as possible to realtime updates, first time working with prisma. I wanted to try drizzle too, but I do not know if you can deploy drizzle orm into netlify and I do not want to learn that on the job, not at this time, but if you know that is possible, let me know.

A big hug. & thanks for your attention.

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