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404: NOT_FOUND error after build on vercel

Nile perch posted this in #help-forum
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Nile perchOP
Hello guys, i have a project i am working on, everything works fine on local host and it builds without error, but when i pushed it to github and used vercel to deploy it, it shows a 404: NOT_FOUND on the successfully deployed site, idk what the issue is.

I have tried creating a new project and copying and pasting to see if it would work, same thing.
i tried upgrading my node js version, was using v16.x.x
i even tried to build it locally, that worked but idk if it shows as i do not know how to check it but the build was successful.

i am using node js - v20.8.0
github :
deployed site :

I have no ENV.
idk if i missed anything, if you need more info, feel free to request

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Nile perchOP
also, this is the successful build, it shows a /_not-found
idk if that could be it , first time using next js to this extent
Nile perchOP
for any body else running into the same thing