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Elm sawflyOP
I started getting GET http://localhost:3000/_next/static/chunks/app/dashboard/layout-91efadb72c44f431.js net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET on local development. I am using next.js 14.1.0. and app router I started getting this error after I added a few additional routes. Each route has a page component (RSC) which gets the data from database (prisma + supabase) and pass as props to a client component which renders the UI. During local testing initially everything worked fine, but when I tried to do local build, I got error during static so I added
export const dynamic = "force-dynamic";
to those RSCs and then was able to complete the build. After I added few more routes (nested), I started getting the ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in the browser. This is happening in all the routes in the app now. I did some search on the web and found some traces of this error with use of next link component but no specific solution. Adding a screenshot for reference. Not adding any code as not sure what is the cause. Tried full build and then running npm run start instead of npm run dev deleting the .next folder and also deleted browser cache but no luck.

Appreciate any help as I am stuck right now. Please let me know any further details I can provide.

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Elm sawflyOP
Never mind, it was a issue on my local, I use chromeod and sandbox linux VM so somehow my browser was not able to communicate with the local server.