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Edge Runtime Slow/Failing Builds

Northeast Congo Lion posted this in #help-forum
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Northeast Congo LionOP
Hi there - recently just moved a Next app over to Vercel's edge runtime. Definitely noticed an improvement in cold-start times, so we'd like to stay on edge if possible.

Two issues we've noticed so far:

- We now have builds sporadically failing (maybe 50% of the time) either silently or due to out of memory (OOM) error.

- Build times have increased from <1min to 4min+ on average

I realize the increase in build times is probably unavoidable, but are there any ways to avoid the failing builds? I believe it may be related to this:

but wanted to check here to see if anyone else has solved this.

We're running next@canary (currently 14.1.1-canary.44) using the app router. Not a giant app by any means, maybe 20 total routes, so I don't think this is expected behavior. Appreciate any help I can get, thanks!

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