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Seeking Assistance with Next.js Project Structure and Documentation

French Angora posted this in #help-forum
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French AngoraOP
Dear Community,

I'm reaching out for assistance regarding a project I'm working on, which involves utilizing a fork of the Next.js template from another open-source project. Despite my efforts, I find myself grappling with two primary challenges:

1. Project Structure: I'm struggling to grasp the overarching structure of the project. Despite being familiar with Next.js, this specific template's architecture is proving to be quite complex. I'm finding it difficult to discern the relationships between different components and modules.

2. Documentation Deficiency: Regrettably, the project lacks comprehensive documentation. This absence makes it challenging for me to confidently make changes or enhancements. I'm hesitant to proceed without clear guidelines, fearing unintended consequences or breaking existing functionality.

I'm seeking guidance from those experienced with Next.js templates:

- Could someone help me navigate and understand the project structure better?
- Are there any strategies for safely modifying the template without documentation?

Your expertise and assistance would be invaluable to me. Thank you in advance for considering my request, and I eagerly await any insights or advice you can offer.

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