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Can't use fs with client component

Grand Griffon Vendéen posted this in #help-forum
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Grand Griffon VendéenOP
I'm trying to create a google drive file using googleapi. The <button> inside my client component calls the function to create a file. I believe this function uses fs, and it's complaining because I can't use fs in a client component.
'use client'
import React from 'react'
import { drive as googleDrive, auth } from '@googleapis/drive'

async function createFile() {
  const client = new auth.OAuth2(
    process.env.GOOGLE_ID as string,
    process.env.GOOGLE_SECRET as string,

  const drive = googleDrive(
      version: "v3",
      auth: client
  const newFile = drive.files.create({
    requestBody: {
      name: "My first file!",
      mimeType: 'text/plain'
    media: {
      mimeType: 'text/plain',
      body: "Some content"

const NewBoxButton = () => {
  return (
    <button onClick={async() => createFile()}>

export default NewBoxButton

So how am I suppose to create a button that runs this function that can only be called from server components, but I can only create buttons in client components?

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Grand Griffon VendéenOP
Here is the error: ./node_modules/gcp-metadata/build/src/gcp-residency.js:19:13
Module not found: Can't resolve 'fs'

Import trace for requested module:
Grand Griffon VendéenOP
is getServerSideProps the answer? :D
the answer should be turn createFile to a server action
Alfonsus Ardani
What are you tring to do? Where do you want to create a file? In the server? in Google Drive? in the client's computer?
Grand Griffon VendéenOP
In the users google drive. I use nextauth to sign in the user
Alfonsus Ardani
then you need to find the Google Drive specific API to create a file
FS is to literally create a file in the server's folder....
Grand Griffon VendéenOP
Idk why it’s referring to fs. I’m calling googleDrive.files.create()
googleDrive is from an import
Alfonsus Ardani
Perhaps this API is only meant to be run in the server and not in the client. Have you checked?