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Newly created NextJS code wont work on any browsers except Firefox.

Siricid woodwasp posted this in #help-forum
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Siricid woodwaspOP
I worked with nextjs before and had no problem using Edge. This time when I tried to run (npm run dev) my code it wouldn't work.
I tested it in multiple browsers and I discovered that it won't work on any other browsers except Firefox (I tried it in Google, edge, brave, and Firefox).

It is weird because it doesn't throw any error, there is nothing in the console (see image 2).

If I try to run the localhost in Firefox, it will start compiling and output the code. (see image 3)

I concluded that it is a nextjs problem since I created a react-vite code and it works on different browsers.

Please note that I am using the latest version of nextjs and also the latest node version.

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