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Vercel Build failures

Atlantic cod posted this in #help-forum
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Atlantic codOP
I will do my best to explain.
I have been running a project with a build that has not given me any issues until just recently.
After publishing a new branch and then trying to deploy that to vercel a build has never succeeded.
Build works fine in NPM, but when I deploy to Vercel it never makes it past "Deploying Outputs..."

â—‹ (Static) prerendered as static content
λ (Dynamic) server-rendered on demand using Node.js
Traced Next.js server files in: 86.276ms
Created all serverless functions in: 5.489s
Collected static files (public/, static/, .next/static): 24.636ms
Build Completed in /vercel/output [2m]
Deploying outputs...
An unexpected error happened when running this build. We have been notified of the problem. This may be a transient error. If the problem persists, please contact Vercel Support

Is this something that everyone is experiencing right now? If not, can someone give me a foothold to try and get a start on trouble shooting this?
I haven't had any issues deploying in the past and 99% of the time I know the problem me, but I just don't have enough feedback to know where to start!

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Atlantic codOP
I should probably mention that I am on 14.0.4