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How to make Active Links on color on navigation Next-intl

West African Lion posted this in #help-forum
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West African LionOP
Hi guys, how im supoosed to make active link when navigating on my app. Ive tried the usual way to do it, but with next-intl, not all pathnames are the same depending on the language.

export default function Navigation() {
  const params = useParams();
  const pathname = usePathname();

  const currentLocale = params.locale as "en" | "es" | "ar" | "fr";

  const activeLinkClass = (internalPath: keyof typeof pathname) => {
    const fullPath = getPathname({ href: internalPath, locale: currentLocale });
    return pathname === fullPath ? "text-gold" : "text-current";
  return (
      <div className=" h-32 w-full flex lg:bg-white justify-between lg:justify-around bg-black lg:pr-12 overflow-y-hidden">
        <div className="w-full h-full hidden lg:flex justify-evenly">
          <div className="flex items-center w-5/12">
            <div className="flex  text-xl w-full justify-evenly font-light">
              <Link href="/">
                <span className={activeLinkClass(formattedPath)}>Home</span>
              <Link href={`/${params.locale}/services`}>
                <span className={activeLinkClass(formattedPath)}>Services</span>

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