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Odd full app refresh on /projects

Bigheaded ant posted this in #help-forum
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Bigheaded antOP
I have a Next 13 app in which I am using the /pages directory. I have a /projects folder with a typical Page in it.

I am using a Link from next/link where I am routing to the /projects page. Here is an example of the link.
<Link href='/projects'>Projects</Link>

When I link to that page, I get a full page refresh.

BUT if I change the folder to /projectz and update the Link hrefs it routes to the page without refreshing the app.

I have validated in the middleware that there are no redirects happening. This is happening in some other manner.

Also, I am testing this with a Prod build. Does anyone have any idea where else this refresh could be happening at?

I initially thought it must be a child of the page content, however, just forcing the page to return something simple like
ts<p>hello there</p>
still has a redirect.

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