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How to get the current URL from getServerSideProps function in Next.js 13.4 (using pages router)?

American Crocodile posted this in #help-forum
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American CrocodileOP
I want to get the subdomain from the current URL in the server so I can perform some data fetching using this subdomain.

So in the /pages/index.tsx I did this

export const getServerSideProps: GetServerSideProps = async ({ req, res }) => {
    const queryClient = new QueryClient();
    const sessionCookie: CookieValueTypes = getCookie(Cookies.SESSION, { req, res });
    const domainCookie: CookieValueTypes = getCookie(Cookies.DOMAIN_INFO, { req, res });

    let domain: Domain | null = null;

    if (!domainCookie) {
        if (!req || !req.headers || ! throw new Error("Can't get host from request headers");

        const subdomain =':')[0];

        try {
            domain = await queryClient.fetchQuery([Endpoints.SITE, { subdomain }], fetchData);
        } catch (error: any) {
            console.error('Unable to fetch subdomain info');

        setCookie(Cookies.DOMAIN_INFO, JSON.stringify(domain), { req, res });
    } else {
        domain = JSON.parse(domainCookie as string);

    // The rest of the code

The problem here is when I go to http://application:3005 the subdomain should return the word application but instead it returns this

NOTE: I have already configured the correct mapping in the hosts file on my machine, I'm running Windows 11 and that's how my hosts file look like localhost application
::1 localhost

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