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Next JS Learn Tutorial "Acme Dashboard" - 404 error after deploying to Vercel

Spectacled bear posted this in #help-forum
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Spectacled bearOP
Hello, I'm a beginner programmer (only started this summer), currently trying to make my way through the "Acme Dashboard" tutorial at I ran into a problem with this part: After creating a repo on GitHub and using the CLI to init, commit, and push the project to the repo, importing it to Vercel, and pressing deploy (left Framework Preset empty since the tut said to just name the project and hit deploy), I got a 404 screen instead of the "Acme Dashboard" screen.

I deleted the Vercel project, and GitHub repo and started over. This time with the Framework Preset set to Next.js. Same thing.

I now deleted the second Vercel project, GitHub repo, and the local project folder, and I'm starting over with the whole tutorial from scratch.

I feel like the instructions on /setting-up-your-database were quite limited. So if anyone can break down the step-by-step process of how to accurately push/import the repo, and deploy to Vercel its much appreciated.

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I haven't used the Learn site but the general process of deploying a project on vercel is to basically create a new project and import the project from github.

If you are doing this you will not have to set anything up and vercel should automatically detect nextjs
The more likely case is that you didnt push to github correctly. So provide the github repository link here.