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Server Actions on client components

Ocicat posted this in #help-forum
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I have a client component that uses Framer Motion with drag handlers. I have a callback function en the drag end to update the data. For now I'm doing it on the client since in this function I need to update some local states. But I also want to revalidate the data.

How in the following example can I call a server function on a dragEnd callback function?

"use client";

export const MyComponent = () => {
  const handleEndDrag = async () => {
    // Update some states
    // ...
    // Now I want to updat some data on the server using a server action
    // How can I do it?

  return (
  <motion.div drag onDragEnd={handleEndDrag}>
    Hello World

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Eric Burel
Use your action directly like "await myAction()"
however please keep in mind that this is not currently clear whether the call should be wrapped into a React transition or not
and other threads on the "useTransition" keyword
I saw a video using useTransition but I don't really understand why it is needed. I can't find any docs about this use case.
Eric Burel
we had to open a thread to ask I didn't have more news either
I think it's a way to connect with "react world"
cause eventhough your event is async, React doesn't know about it
a transition is a way to tell React "well I am running a slow event handler so if the component handler unmounts you may have to do stuff, and also please track it's loading state while I wait for the action to finish"
so I can't tell yet if it's mandatory, a good practice, or just smth you need in very precise scenarios
I mean it's certainly not mandatory cause a direct call do work
but I don't know if it's bad or not
I tried using useTransition and it appears to work pretty well. This clearly solved my problem and seems pretty stable.