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Data Not Updating....

Ragdoll posted this in #help-forum
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I am developing an admin panel. I am controlling dollar rate and also others rate from admin panel. When i am updating dollar rate in admin panel from localhost, then successfully updating the dollar rate. But wheneven, I am deploying it to vercel, i am updating the dollar rate, that shows the success message but UI does not get updated. Note: Database is also updating and also I am getting the updated dollar rate in respnse in browser but it does not update in the UI. What i the possible reason here?

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I commented on the GPT thread, but I'll continue here:
Sounds like it's generated as a static site on build time, what if you run it with next build && next start and then try? Does it do the same as when deployed?
It sounds like the page is static and will fetch the data when it's built but not update it dynamically.