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Argent help with node SMTP server setup (Haraka)

Highlander posted this in #help-forum
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I need help with Haraka setup and smtp server in general.

I'm currently working on a project that heavily relies on sending out email(s). I have a nextjs trpc and looking to setup an stmp project (outside nextjs but without services like Amazon SES and sendGrid). I came across Haraka and i'm so confused.

- If you have any resources aside Haraka's documentation, Please point me there
- the packages are failing to installed when every i run npm or pnpm install on the cloned repository
- GPT suggested using a docker Image, i pulled and it runs. Now i'm so confused how to work with it (i have - backend project setup with nodemailer installed & I'VE NEVER USED DOCKER).
- Are their any other alternatives for sending bulk emails (aside using services like Amazon SES) ?
- Please i need suggestions and assistance in everyway possible

Thank you

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