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Language routes and authentication - Next v14 + Auth v5

Judder posted this in #help-forum
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Hey! So in my case I'm wondering how to set up my authentication flow, I'm using next 14 and auth v5, so it's not documented completely yet. My login pages are inside the [lang] folder, and my api route is not inside it, for which I have set up this rewrite for my api routes: async rewrites() { return [ { // Match all API requests with a language prefix source: '/:lang/api/:path*', // Redirect them to the standard API route without the language prefix destination: '/api/:path*', // The path and query parameters will be forwarded }, ] },
but when I login, the redirectUri takes the lang parameter with it, making it have (currently) five different possible callbacks. For example github doesn't allow more than one callback url. So I was wondering if you knew how I could modify the redirectUri to not include the language parameter, or if there's some other way I should do this.

@Satin Angora, thanks for replying to my previous message 🙂

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I want to add a thing here I tried, which is adding the redirect_uri in the auth config, but that leads to ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS when logging in.
I think I might of solved this with 3 lines in my middleware.

if (pathname.startsWith('/api/auth/callback')) { return }