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Would love to pair program to learn missing pieces

Indian pariah dog posted this in #help-forum
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Indian pariah dogOP
If this isn't the best channel for this, just give me a better place to post this.
I'm a mid- to senior-level autistic engineer who is working on learning to communicate more effectively, and fill my few remaining gaps in programming.
I'm looking for a junior- to senior-level engineer to do some pair programming with. 2-4 hour blocks. Working on mini apps that flex different skillsets to learn new technologies. The mini app could be a single session, or occasionally 2-3 sessions of that length.
I'm working on learning to very quickly build out MVPs for freelancing and consulting. If you aren't able to put together and deploy a complete app solo, it may be tough to keep up with what I'm trying to do. That doesn't mean an enterprise-level, complex application with extreme requirements. If you can write a todo list or a tic tac toe game and deploy it, that's probably sufficient.
Minimum skillset: React/Next.js, MongoDB, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, SSR, command line.
If you have used at least 3? of these, you're probably far-enough along: routing, dynamic imports, Suspense, error boundaries, SSR/SSG, Streaming, API routes/route handlers, Server Components, Font/Image optimization
Eventually looking for a partner on a passion project, 50/50 equity on a long-term project with legal documents in place to protect you if you work well together.
Even if you have no interest in working on the larger project, if you want to bang out 2- to 10-hour mini apps for practice and portfolio, feel free to reach out. I will probably do them, even once I've found my long-term partner, just for the fun, growth, and networking.
Looking to do a first session on Tuesday. I want to stick to my stack, but will leave the project up to you. Respond with skillset and desired project for Tuesday

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