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Development Environment - not using localhost, instead use project-based urls locally!

Silver cyprinid posted this in #help-forum
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Silver cyprinidOP
Hi there Next community,

I am trying to find a solution to a stable dev environment that supports project-based urls and incapsulates the projects.

Currently I have a boilerplate project with turborepo --> next.js and strapi. Starting the dev server with npm run dev and having a docker-compose inside the project root so the devs on my team can easily launch a database for strapi etc. A .env files determines what ports should be used.

My problem is working on 3 - 4 projects at the same time. Getting confused with, example http://localhost:3311 and http://localhost:3201. These randomly selected ports without "speaking" urls is really confusing.

Is there a solution that fixes this issue, handles the proxies etc.?

I am looking for but for our current node.js stack!

Thanks 🙂

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