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refetching on server component after some action

Japanese pilchard posted this in #help-forum
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Japanese pilchardOP
  const section = await api.course.getCourseSection.query({
    sectionId: parseInt(params.lesson),

I need to refetch this when some button is clicked (or if easier, when some query string param is changed), but this component NEEDS to be a server component unfortunately. How can I revalidate this tRPC call?

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do you have an idea to use server actions in client components 😄
i fixed it like, not with server actions or rsc
- useEffect -
- --------- -

- handleSubmit -
send data to db 
Japanese pilchardOP
i vaguely do but I haven't used server actions before. do u think that would solve my problem? I feel like I'm trying to use section like useState, but I mean, I just have to set it once and just refetch so I this sounds doable in my implementation
and the weirder thing is... when I add or delete from the table that I add mutate in the client components manually, it infact does refetch the data, so section becomes the correct value, however, when the client component inserts, it does not refetch
I'll send a video
then revalidate in action
  "use server"
tbh even v13 is still new and we need a lot time to solve it