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Uncaught Error: Hydration failed in Next.js - How to Resolve?

Morelet’s Crocodile posted this in #help-forum
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Morelet’s CrocodileOP
I'm facing a Next.js issue where I encounter the following error related to hydration:
Uncaught Error: Hydration failed because the initial UI does not match what was rendered on the server.

After conducting some research, it appears to be connected to server and client-side rendering discrepancies. However, I'm unsure how to pinpoint and resolve this problem.

Here's more context:

- There's an additional error message stating, "There was an error while hydrating. Because the error happened outside of a Suspense boundary, the entire root will switch to client rendering."
- A warning also mentions: "Expected server HTML to contain a matching <div> in <div>."

To provide additional context, here's some of my code:

- Page Component: 

import InvoiceWrapper from "@components/container/InvoiceWrapper";

export default function Home() {
    return (
            <InvoiceWrapper />;

- Wrapper Component:
"use client";
import InvoiceForm from "@components/invoiceForm/InvoiceForm";
import React from "react";
import InvoiceState from "context/invoiceProvider";
function InvoiceWrapper() {
    return (
        <div className='border-1 border-black mx-auto p-6'>
            <div className='container'>
                <div className='row col-md-10 mx-auto '>
                        <InvoiceForm />

export default InvoiceWrapper;


I would greatly appreciate guidance on debugging and resolving this issue. What are common causes for this type of error in a Next.js project? Are there any tools or techniques I can use to identify the specific part of the code causing the problem?

Thank you for your assistance!

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const [isMounted, setIsMounted] = useState(false);
useEffect(() => {

return (
{isMounted && your jsx}