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Transvaal lion posted this in #help-forum
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Transvaal lionOP
hey folks,

i'm using next-pwa package to set up standalone PWA and everything works great so far!

i have one question, tried to google it but so far i haven't found concrete answer to this one, is there a way to redirect user from any other app / chrome or safari to the PWA if it is installed already?

example is, you are browsing twitter on your phone and you stumble upon a link of my app, if you have PWA installed, that link should open up in the PWA instead of browser

EDIT: i have found this source but it looks like it is deprecated

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Transvaal lionOP
bumping this boi, anyone?
Nile perch
I believe "deep-linking" is the terminology you are looking for here, and looks like it varies quite a bit.

Is next-pwa working alright for you? I ended up just making service worker of my own.
Transvaal lionOP
yup, you are correct! deep-linking is something i have been researching on, but so far i haven't found 100% solution

deep-linking is more or less supported on android devices, while on iOS there isn't support at all for now. therefore i'm prolly gonna ditch this for now. and yeah, next-pwa is working nicely for now!