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Server Component not refreshing

Californian posted this in #help-forum
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My code:

export default async function DashboardPage() {
    const session  = await getServerSession()

  return (
      {session ? (
        <DashboardModal />
      ) : (
          <p >
            Sign in to see this page

but the dashboard is not showing after signing in with sign in modal. I guess server component is not refreshing with new data? How can I fix this, because the usession hook works fine but I want to get into habit of using server components

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This server code isn't tracking any state so it'd have to be re-rendered. Given the fact that it's a DashboardModal, it sounds like this should be a client component. Being a client component, you'd check for a session, if there isn't a session you display "Sign in to see this...". If there is a session you make an API request to the backend for the data needed to hydrate the DashboardModal
I'm pretty new to NextJS but this is how I understand Server components versus Client components
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is ur session null?
We need to run router.refresh() after logging in to fix. But the server component version seems to render the modal slower than client version after logging in.