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Can't pass markdown as props without declaring extra const

Glaucous-winged Gull posted this in #help-forum
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Glaucous-winged GullOP
Hello there 👋
I am working on my own Next.js 13 app and facing an issue where I can't pass markdown as props to a component so that it would be rendered in multiple lines.

Here's full description of an issue with all the links:

If anyone has faced similar issue and know possible solution - please, let me know 🙏

In order to better explain this issue here's github repo that shows the issue when markdown is passed as prop but only one line of markdown could be parsed:

Feel free to check it out, this repo is automatically get's deployed to Vercel, so you can see live how the app currently looks like:

Please, suggest a solution that would allow to pass markdown as a prop directly, without a need of creating extra const with markdown inside of it. 🙏

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Glaucous-winged GullOP
Issue "not able to pass markdown as props with indentation" was solved here: