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MUI HideAppBar component with nextjs app router

Saltwater Crocodile posted this in #help-forum
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Saltwater CrocodileOP
Type error: Type 'OmitWithTag<Props, keyof PageProps, "default">' does not satisfy the constraint '{ [x: string]: never; }'.    
  Property 'children' is incompatible with index signature.
    Type 'any' is not assignable to type 'never'.

  24 |
  25 | // Check the prop type of the entry function
> 26 | checkFields<Diff<PageProps, FirstArg<TEntry['default']>, 'default'>>()
     |             ^
  27 |
  28 | // Check the arguments and return type of the generateMetadata function
  29 | if ('generateMetadata' in entry) {

app/page.jsx code
I guess here the props is empty, any workaround for this?
import React from "react";
import styles from "./page.module.css";
import HideAppBar from "./components/navbar";
import Box from "@mui/material/Box";
import Typography from "@mui/material/Typography";
import Button from "@mui/material/Button";
import Container from "@mui/material/Container";
import Matches from "./home/components/matches";

interface Props {
  children: React.ReactElement;

export default function page(props: Props) {
  return (
        <HideAppBar {...props} />
        // Other code

mui hideappbar:

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