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Caching a request with headers

Indian mackerel posted this in #help-forum
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Indian mackerelOP
i have a fetch request that i need to protect, i am currently using Authorization header to do that but like this i cannot cache the request, how do i work around this? is there a way to "force-cache" a request even if it uses headers? if not possible why this limitation?

basically i need to have a route in my express backend accessible only by the nextjs server, i also want to be able to cache the request

The reason i need to cache the request:
I need this request to display information in my page, this information doesnt need to change frequently, so i need to kinda SSG-like render the page (i cannot use SSG because my navbar has information based on getServerSession which is a server function) and i dont want to use useSession neither to keep as much as i can server-side

this is the request code
export async function getGroups() {
    const groupsData = await (
        await fetch(process.env.NEXT_PUBLIC_SERVER_URL + "/groups", {
            method: "GET",
            headers: {
                Authorization: process.env.SUPERSECRET,
            cache: "force-cache",
            next: {
                tags: ["groups"],

    return groupsData;

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European sprat
why did you create a new post when you already have an identical one?
if you have more info, add it to the other post
Indian mackerelOP
i read on the rules i could "bump" a post, i thought that this is what it meant
European sprat
you add more info to the old post to bump it