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Re-render doesn't work

Hilsa shad posted this in #help-forum
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Hilsa shadOP
Is it okay that after setting up NextJs (v. 13.4.19 latest one) project re-render doesn't work as it is mentioned on readme file?
I can delete tags, it compiles and nothing re-renders.
Thanks in advance for your advice

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Hilsa shadOP
Steps to reproduce:
1. run npx create-next-app@latest (get v. 13.4.19 latest one)
2. npm run dev
3. delete anything on page.tsx file
4. see compilation on console but no re-render on browser
5. be sad

I have no idea why it doesnt work.. Im new on NextJs so I cannot find the answer
It works out when I refresh browser by myself.. but it is not supposed to be so