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How to prevent userAgent bots with server side rendering in nextjs 13.4 app folder

Blanc de Hotot posted this in #help-forum
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Blanc de HototOP
 const ip = headers().get('x-forwarded-for'); // get ip from request header
  let q = searchParams.q || null;
  let l = searchParams.l || null;

  const ua = userAgent({ headers: headers() });
  let bot = ua.isBot;
  let ipLocation = { latitude: null, longitude: null };
  if (!bot) ipLocation = await getGeoFromIP(ip); // only non-bots can get ip location

  const locationSearchIp = l
    ? await getGeoFromAddress(l)
    : { latitude: null, longitude: null };
  let _jobs = [];

We are still getting calls to getIpLocation when bots scrape us. Any way to make userAgent.isBot work for server side calls

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Blanc de HototOP
Seems like ahref bots are getting through
why don't you hard-code UA to block the bot?