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Apollo / Redux SSR

Pixiebob posted this in #help-forum
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Hello everyone,
If someone could explain to me, or direct me how I could proceed to implement correctly?

First, an Apollo client to communicate with my server. The connection seems to work, but I keep getting this type of error:
- error Error [ApolloError]: Dynamic server usage: no-store fetch http://localhost:3000/graphql /[lang]
I would also need to use Redux with middleware; I have two Next web applications with which I would need to share information, and it seems to me that with Redux + a Websocket server I could easily do what I want. The problem is that in the same way I systematically get errors, which this time tell me that the component isn't rendered on the right side (because of the 'bufferutils / utf8...' errors).

Thanks in advance!

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