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How do I actually return errors that happen in my api route?

Thrianta posted this in #help-forum
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Hello sorry for a simple question, but how am I supposed to handle and return the errors to my client?
export async function POST(req: Request) {
  try {
    const customer = null;

    if (!customer) throw Error("Could not get customer");
    return NextResponse.json({
      message: "hello world",
  } catch (error) {
    return NextResponse.error(error);

I want to throw an error when the customer is null, which i think it does, but on the front end i only get the generic error:
{"message":"Request failed with status code 500","name":"AxiosError","stack":"AxiosError: Request //...

On the client I have no idea what caused this error.

My question is - how am I supposed to handle such errors, so that the client would clearly know that in this particular case Error happened, because the customer is null.

Should I return json object instead of throwing error?

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Mini Satin
you can use both Response and NextResponse, NextResponse will be to use next specific features
both syntax with new and with .json are valid, you can specify the error type with the status key
You're problem here is NextReponse.error