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NextJs hosting with Netlify

Polish posted this in #help-forum
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Not sure this is the right place to post this query, Apologies if it is not, please direct me to the right channel

These are my questions
1. Netlify having its infra hosted in AWS (in us region), Since it is a preferred hosting option for NextJs from EMIS, Is there any red flags that we should avoid?
2. Is it recommended for dynamic web pages as well (For ex: page to show recommended products based on user Since it is hosted in US), Since most of my traffic is from UK, wouldn't it affect my latency as every request will be served by servers hosted in US
3. How would disaster recovery work (In case of static html CDN would save me), but in case of hosting an API (dynamic responses) in netlify, As we don't have any control over the region or the infra

Apologies if it is not the right channel,

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