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Building Node app that is part of Next codebase

Yacare Caiman posted this in #help-forum
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Yacare CaimanOP
Looking for general guidance on compiling a separate Node express app (to be served on an EC2 instance) that is part of a Next codebase.

Backstory: split application into separate projects, each with their own pacakge.json and tsconfig.json with a shared library that is a private npm package. But that has several limitations, which I won't detail here. So putting them back together into a single project, but want to be able to build the next app for deployment on Vercel, and a Node app for deployment on EC2 (for long running services).

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Golden-winged Warbler
npm/yarn workspaces are widely used for this
Blanc de Hotot
I can guide you
Yacare CaimanOP
Thanks. I think that is what I need.