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Good ideas for disabling API endpoints in production?

New Guinea Freshwater Crocodile posted this in #help-forum
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New Guinea Freshwater CrocodileOP
Is there a way to disable certain routes in production?
I know I could just put an env check and just return 404, but is there some way disabling the rules based on the env.
Is middleware the right answer?

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middlewar.ts, which is deployed to Edge, works as if it were a reverse proxy so as the official documentation says you can implement personalization, i18n, authorization, rate limit, tailor headers and so on. plus traffic won’t hit AWS Lambda.
joulev & fuma pray for Schneider
you can also use redirect in next.config.js to redirect traffic to those paths; it won't require making a middleware file but won't be as flexible as middleware
New Guinea Freshwater CrocodileOP
thanks guys