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Can I define routes with variables at different points? /foo/:var/bar/:var2 ?

Brown bear posted this in #help-forum
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Brown bearOP
I've been reading over the appDir routing documentation but I can't see anything to help me do this, I'd like to have a route like (variables preceded with :)


What kind of folder structure could I use to achieve this? There'd be no page at /board/:boardId - only a page at the full URL which would need access to both variables

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Brown bearOP
I answered my own question with Dynamic Routes

This let me define folders with [] wrapped around the name to represent the variables

So I made:

| -- [boardId]
| ---- route
| ------ [routeId]
| -------- page.tsx

and that looked like:

type BoardRouteParams = {
    boardId: string,
    routeId: string

export default function BoardRoute({ params }: {params: BoardRouteParams} ) {
  return (
            Hi thar! Board = {params.boardId}, Route = {params.routeId}