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Does NextJS 13 perform streaming and suspense automatically? Or would i have to set it up manually?

Asiatic Lion posted this in #help-forum
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Asiatic LionOP
I just read the part of the docs that explains streaming and suspense in regards to the loading.tsx page, and, if I'm correct, they allow components to load in parallel to reduce the various loading thresholds. The thing I'm confused about, however, is whether or not loading.tsx in the App Router automatically handles this for me or if I'd have to manually set it up. I'm aware that manual setups work; I'm just wondering about the automatic part.

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Alfonsus Ardani
the loading.tsx in the app router automatically handles the suspense loading of a page or a child layout.
if you want to create a loading UI for 1 specific server component thats not a page, you have to set it up manually
Asiatic LionOP
Gotcha, thanks a bunch!