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Optional dependencies creating build errors - can they be ignored?

Masai Lion posted this in #help-forum
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Masai LionOP
I am using nunjucks for generating text from templates. Nunjucks has an optional dependency on chokidar which I don't need (not dynamically loading templates). I get the following at project build (both yarn dev and yarn build):
./node_modules/nunjucks/src/node-loaders.js Module not found: Can't resolve 'chokidar' in '/Users/jmatthewpryor/proj/tana/sultana/node_modules/nunjucks/src' Import trace for requested module: ./node_modules/nunjucks/src/node-loaders.js ./node_modules/nunjucks/src/loaders.js ./node_modules/nunjucks/index.js ./src/readwise/rendering.ts ./src/app/api/readwise/export/route.ts ./node_modules/nunjucks/src/node-loaders.js Critical dependency: the request of a dependency is an expression Import trace for requested module: ./node_modules/nunjucks/src/node-loaders.js ./node_modules/nunjucks/src/loaders.js ./node_modules/nunjucks/index.js ./src/readwise/rendering.ts ./src/app/api/readwise/export/route.ts

Can I ignore this warning?

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