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route-loader.js chunk 404

Flemish Giant posted this in #help-forum
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Flemish GiantOP
So I've been building Next.js apps since 2018 but haven't come across this one yet. I've only been deploying to Vercel for the past couple years though, so I'm thinking it might be something I'm not getting about how Vercel's cache works?

I've deployed some changes to an application, users can't seem to click on certain links. When I do a remote session with them, I can see that they run into a lot of these (see image). Basically it's like there's an old cached chunk from a previous build being referenced? Or something along those lines?

With the users I've spoken to, going incognito fixes everything. So it seems it's just a caching issue. A previous developer set the Cache-Control header in the next.config.js to public, s-maxage=10, stale-while-revalidate=59 . That makes me think it's not a caching issue at the edge, since that should only last 10 sec?

I'm really feeling stumped. Anyone run into something like this before? I'd really appreciate some help.

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Flemish GiantOP
I'd be willing to pay someone with expertise in this area for 30min of their time.