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Canonical link in Next13

style____ posted this in #help-forum
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Is that correct way? I found that on stackoverflow but they used it in some funtion. It's one page so i dont need dynamic canonical

import Footer from './components/Footer'
import './globals.css'
import { Raleway } from 'next/font/google'

export const metadata = {
  title: 'Codenerds - Development and Design Agency',
  description: 'Codenerds is a leading development and design agency. We specialize in creating innovative and custom solutions to turn your dream projects into reality.',
  alternates: {
    canonical: '',

const raleway = Raleway({
  display: 'swap',
  subsets: ['latin-ext'],

export default function RootLayout({
}: {
  children: React.ReactNode
}) {
  return (
    <html lang="en">
      <body className={raleway.className}>
        <Footer />


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Rafael Almeida
yea this is correct