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Render a single component without page stuff like html, body and meta tags

Asian swamp eel posted this in #help-forum
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Asian swamp eelOP
I am trying to render a single component without all the page stuff in order to use the html inside another website, is this possible?

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Rafael Almeida
this is very unusual but yeah I think it is possible, you can use renderToStaticMarkup from react-dom/server
I managed to render a simple component using an API Route:
import { NextApiRequest, NextApiResponse } from 'next'
import { renderToString } from 'react-dom/server'

const Component = () => {
  return <div>component rendered in the API Route</div>

export default async function handler(req: NextApiRequest, res: NextApiResponse) {
  const html = renderToString(<Component />)

  res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'text/html')
I also tried with the new route handlers in the app dir but next has some safe guards that don't allow the import of react-dom/server